Free Sudan and end the genocide of the Sudanese people
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Free Sudan and end the genocide of the Sudanese people

To: Sen. Graham, Sen. Scott, Rep. Mace

From: A constituent in Mount Pleasant, SC

July 11

I am emailing to demand the end to the Sudanese genocide. Sanction Sudan; it’s weaponry that is given to the SAF and RSF to kill, displace, sexually violate, and commit war crimes against the Sudanese people. Make a solution to end the fighting of the genocidal militias which has brutally destroyed the Sudanese people for too long. This is not the only horrendous part of it. The US has been a part of this funding and has stayed silent on the horrors since 2023-a continuation of the conflict. As the UAE, the US, Russia, Germany, and so many other Western and European Powers make disgusting side deals over the Sudanese peoples’ natural resources, and stay silent while they actively fund everything, the people are dying.This is horrendous.The UAE is one of the main manipulators of this genocide and other powers have only supported them.Sudan has one of the most horrendous displacement (IDP and external) and has famine conditions that have only gotten worse and where millions are predicted to die by September.No support or vote for those who supported and stood silently by as the Sudanese people perished.

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