Oppose HB445 (No religious indoctrination in our public schools!)
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Oppose HB445 (No religious indoctrination in our public schools!)

To: Sen. Antonio, Rep. Skindell

From: A constituent in Lakewood, OH

July 9

I am writing to voice my opposition to HB445. No religion, Christian or otherwise, belongs in public schools in America. I am asking both Rep Antonio and Rep Skindell to vocally oppose HB445. The methods being used by the Lifewise organization to indoctrinate children with hate cannot be tolerated in any way. Please do your best to make certain that this bill fails, as it is a blatant power grab by Lifewise. The fact that they refer to wanting to reach "unchurched" children is chilling. This is pure Christo-fascism at play and if we don't want a violent conflagration with these people in the near future, our best and only option is to op pose the categorization of our children as "unchurched". Lifewise, and the reps who put forth HB445 are the enemies of true America. They must be fought, stamped down and kept under control for the good of society. If they want kids to learn about religion, let the parents do it on their own time. If the so called "unchurched" children are religion free, then they MUST respect the freedom of parents to CHOOSE to keep their children RELIGION FREE. Do not let this monstrous piece of legislation pass!

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