Miscarriage is not a crime
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Miscarriage is not a crime

To: Gov. DeWine, Rep. Skindell, Sen. Antonio

From: A constituent in Cleveland, OH

December 11, 2023

I am writing to express my rage that in our state, having a uterus means that having a health crisis can result in you losing your personal liberty. I'm not sure why members of Ohio's govt and law enforcement refuse to understand that hospitals will turn you away to miscarry at home. That once your water breaks too early or you have an ectopic pregnancy, you will not be able to deliver a baby, no matter how much you pray. But, you can lose your fertility, your physical and mental health, your life. You will suffer significant financial hardship in most cases. In Ohio, apparently, you can also lose your personal liberty if something happens to you that is completely out of your control. You aren't told what to do with your miscarriage. You can't strap a bucket between your legs and catalogue everything it catches to appease your state or local government. Are we expected to have police officers attend to us in our bathrooms? Britrany Watts is being forced to defend herself for doing what all people are told to do when hospitals turn them away during a miscarriage. It is abominable. We must protect and care for people in her situation. Ohio can not tolerate this type of attacks on its own citizens. Full stop. Ohio will wither and die if this is how we treat people during a health crisis. Ohio voters approved measures to protect reproductive care, not attack people and ruin their lives when they have a reproductive crisis. Shame on all of us for allowing this to happen. Do something to prevent these fascist attacks on people going through reproductive health crises.

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