An open letter to Sen. Graham.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Graham

From: A verified voter in New Ellenton, SC

April 30

Where to start?!? First, the reason that trump's election fraud trial has been delayed for 8 years is because Barr quashed it because he was protecting the occupant of the White House even though that is totally wrong! But you knew that. Second, you know that trump is guilty of every single charge against him, and likely lots more! You even said, on January 7th, 2021, that you were done with trump and that what he did was wrong! What happened to that?!? Oh, yeah, hypocrisy. You know that these charges are not political. They are real! Third, while the sex activities of trump are disgusting (infidelity), the trial is not about that, or even that he paid hush money. The trial is about WHY he paid the hush money and the timing relative to the election. But you know that too! The fact that you think that the public is so uninformed is also disgusting. AND that you support fox entertainment in pushing these lies. Your hypocrisy is astounding! I'm so ashamed that you "represent" the state that I live in. You are as disgusting as trump. You are a major reason that our Country is so split.

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