Protect IRS funding at all costs!
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Protect IRS funding at all costs!

To: Sen. Scott, Sen. Graham, Rep. Fry

From: A constituent in Florence, SC

January 2

I’m writing as a constituent to ask you to protect and maintain full IRS funding. Wall Street billionaires are using their considerable access and power to threaten IRS funding because they know that fully funding the IRS so that it can go after wealthy tax cheats, improve taxpayer services, and modernize computer systems will help apply our current tax laws more fairly. The flip side means that taking resources away from the IRS effectively redistributes money to the wealthy and corporations.Resourcing the IRS is not just about making the wealthy pay their fair share. The IRS has an ugly history of auditing low-income and Black people at disproportionately high rates, in part because it costs more in staff time and resources to audit wealthy taxpayers, whose returns are more complicated than the average filer (and whose lawyers make these audits more challenging).When they have the resources to go after the rich, their calculus changes. A recent investigation revealed that every additional $1 spent on auditing taxpayers above the 90th income percentile generated more than $12 in revenue.As funding discussions persist, protecting and maintaining IRS funding is essential for achieving a fair tax code, actively eliminating anti-Black racism from the implementation of our tax policy, and ensuring the wealthiest tax cheats finally pay their fair share. Thanks.

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