Help prevent suicides in Washington state prisons and increase funding
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Help prevent suicides in Washington state prisons and increase funding

To: Sen. Wilson, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Walsh, Rep. McEntire

From: A constituent in Longview, WA

June 2

Subject: Urgent Action Needed to Address Mental Health Crisis in Washington State Prisons Dear lawmakers, I am writing to bring your attention to a pressing issue that demands immediate action: the alarming increase in suicides within Washington state prisons. As highlighted in recent reports, there has been a significant spike in suicides among incarcerated individuals, underscoring a dire need for improved mental health care within our correctional facilities. The mental well-being of all individuals, including those in the prison system, is a fundamental aspect of public health and human rights. The current situation indicates a failure to adequately provide essential mental health support to those who are most vulnerable and in need of assistance. It is imperative that we address this crisis with urgency and compassion. I urge you to prioritize the following actions: 1 Increase Access to Mental Health Services: Allocate resources to expand mental health care programs within state prisons, including hiring more mental health professionals, counselors, and psychiatrists. 2 Enhance Suicide Prevention Measures: Implement comprehensive suicide prevention protocols, including regular mental health screenings, suicide risk assessments, and training for prison staff on recognizing and responding to signs of distress. 3 Improve Communication and Support Systems: Foster better communication channels between incarcerated individuals and mental health providers, as well as establish support groups and peer counseling programs within prisons. 4 Address Systemic Issues: Examine and address systemic issues within the criminal justice system that contribute to mental health challenges among incarcerated individuals, such as overcrowding, prolonged solitary confinement, and lack of access to rehabilitative programs. 5 Promote Rehabilitation and Reintegration: Prioritize efforts to rehabilitate and support the reintegration of individuals into society by offering educational opportunities, vocational training, and transitional support services. It is crucial that we take decisive action to protect the mental health and well-being of all individuals within our state's correctional facilities. Failure to address this issue not only undermines our commitment to justice and compassion but also perpetuates cycles of suffering and recidivism. I urge you to act swiftly and decisively to address this crisis and ensure that all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, have access to the mental health care they need and deserve. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Garrett Beauregard

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