An open letter to Rep. Cantrell, Gov. Stitt, Sen. Alvord.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Cantrell, Gov. Stitt, Sen. Alvord

From: A constituent in Kingston, OK

May 12

The above USNews rankings for OK are abysmal. Especially in the categories of Education and Healthcare. Rather than eliminating the income tax to please yourselves and some rich friends, perhaps you could put that excess into educating and caring for our citizens. Accept the Federal money to feed our children during the summer? It’s not like you have alternative plans. There are homeless, hungry and battered children in this State who could become productive citizens if given a hand up. Employers in southern counties can’t find employees who have even minimal skills (like showing up on time and working a full day). How are they supposed to grow our economy and run successful businesses without an educated pool of applicants? If you eliminate the income tax, which is embarrassingly low to begin with, how will you ever serve the citizens who elected you? When you treat human beings like trash, that is what you will get. I don’t think that was the result you were elected to achieve. Do your job. Serve all the people you represent. Not just your cronies. Please!

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