Protect Access to Contraception and Abortion in Virgina NOW
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Protect Access to Contraception and Abortion in Virgina NOW

To: Gov. Youngkin, Sen. Perry, Del. Reaser

From: A verified voter in Sterling, VA

June 6

As a resident of Virginia and your constituent, I'm writing to demand Virgina protect the right to contraception and abortion. We can't rely on the federal government to protect critical access to reproductive healthcare, so we must do so at our state level. I was lucky enough to grow up with this access. And I want the same for my daughter. And I say that having needed access to these medical solutions myself. I've used birth control and IUDs most of my adult life, and I've had two abortions for missed miscarriages. When we fail to protect the right to abortion, we also punish people who have lost pregnancies they wanted, while they're already suffering. needed them, because my fetuses were already gone but not passing on their own. I, for one, know I would have become incredibly ill and possibly lost the ability to have more children if I had been unable to access an abortion when I And since those miscarriages, I've used IUDs to prevent further pregnancies so I don't have to go through the loss again. While these may be compelling reasons to carve out acceptions to proposed bans, exceptions simply aren't enough. The government has no right to intervene in reproductive healthcare, period. Full stop. ge to their lives. There's no way to fairly legislate bans and exceptions that won't leave Virginians in terrible positions, courting death, and in danger of permanent dama So we must protect reproductive freedoms like access to contraception and access to abortion in Virgina. As your constituent, I demand you pass legislation to enshrine those rights in Virgina, now. I will never support politicians who don't, and neither will 88% of Americans.

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