Reject discriminatory anti-LGBTQ+ education policies that endanger students
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Reject discriminatory anti-LGBTQ+ education policies that endanger students

To: Rep. Mathis, Rep. Gutierrez

From: A verified voter in Tucson, AZ

July 5

This proposed HB2657 legislation raises serious concerns about infringing on the rights and well-being of LGBTQ+ students. Provisions forcing schools to misgender or out transgender students against their will are unacceptable forms of discrimination that can severely undermine these young people's mental health and safety. Likewise, overly broad "educational censorship" policies banning any positive representation of LGBTQ+ identities from curricula promote harmful stigma and deprive students of crucial age-appropriate information. As representatives, you have a responsibility to protect all students and foster an inclusive learning environment where they can thrive. I urge you to reject any measures that enable discrimination against LGBTQ+ youth or restrict their access to affirmative resources about gender and sexuality. Instead, schools should implement policies affirming students' right to have their identities respected and to receive comprehensive education aligning with mainstream scientific consensus. Upholding the dignity and equal treatment of LGBTQ+ students is not just a legal obligation, but a moral imperative.

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