Uphold democracy, ensure all candidates on Ohio ballot
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Uphold democracy, ensure all candidates on Ohio ballot

To: Rep. Blackshear, Sen. Antani

From: A verified voter in Dayton, OH

May 26

Republicans should cease obstructing the process and ensure President Biden's inclusion on the November 2024 ballot in Ohio. The Ohio Secretary of State has made clear that next Wednesday is the final deadline, and further delays are unacceptable. It is a fundamental principle of democracy that citizens have the opportunity to vote for the duly nominated candidates of all major parties. This partisan gamesmanship disenfranchises Ohio voters and calls into question the state's commitment to free and fair elections. Failing to secure the President's place on the ballot risks depressing turnout, not just for the presidential race but down-ballot contests as well. This could have detrimental effects on democratic representation at all levels of government in Ohio. Moreover, linking this procedural issue to unrelated policy aims around campaign finance rules is a transparent effort to score political points at the expense of electoral integrity. The sensible path forward is to pass a clean bill addressing only the ballot deadline, allowing Ohioans to exercise their fundamental rights without unnecessary controversy or conditions. Partisan brinkmanship has no place when the very legitimacy of the electoral process is at stake. I urge Ohio's Republican lawmakers to put aside political calculations, follow precedent, and take the straightforward steps needed to uphold democracy by ensuring all qualified candidates are on the November ballot.

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