Oppose HR 6090
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Oppose HR 6090

To: Sen. Klobuchar, Sen. Smith, Rep. Omar

From: A constituent in Minneapolis, MN

May 1

On May Day of all days, the right of students to protest must be protected. As a constituent, I’m writing to ask you to vote no on H.R. 6090, the Antisemitism Awareness Act. These students are calling for a lasting ceasefire and the end of unconditional U.S. military support to Israel, a position shared by the majority of Americans. Yet while they exercise their right to free speech, they have been met with brutal crackdowns from militarized police and attacks from violent counterprotesters. Far from protecting students, this legislation is an effort to conflate criticism of the Israeli government with antisemitism, which poses a dangerous threat to free speech and has nothing to do with making Jewish students safer.

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