Lift Restrictions on American Weapons for Ukraine
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Lift Restrictions on American Weapons for Ukraine

To: Rep. Pappas, Sen. Hassan, Sen. Shaheen

From: A constituent in Manchester, NH

May 26

I write to you urgently in the wake of a tragic event that underscores the dire need for the United States to reassess its policies regarding the support and defense of Ukraine against Russian aggression. Yesterday, the world witnessed yet another appalling act of violence perpetrated by Russian forces, as they launched a devastating strike on a home improvement store in Kharkiv, Ukraine, using glide bombs fired from aircraft. This reprehensible attack resulted in the loss of innocent lives, with 16 civilians tragically killed while simply going about their Saturday shopping. The aircraft took off from Voronezh Malshevo in Voronezh Oblast of Russia, about 180 kilometers from the Ukrainian frontline. This brazen act of aggression highlights the urgent need for Ukraine to have the means to defend itself effectively against such indiscriminate attacks. It is evident that current restrictions on the use of American weapons by Ukraine are impeding its ability to adequately deter and respond to Russian aggression. If Ukrainian forces were given the authorization to strike targets within Russian territory, tragedies like the one could have been prevented. Allowing Ukraine to strike targets in Russia is not only a matter of safeguarding Ukrainian sovereignty and protecting innocent lives, but it is also in the strategic interests of the United States and its allies. By empowering Ukraine, our stalwart ally, to effectively counter Russian aggression, we can uphold the principles of democracy and freedom that we hold dear. Therefore, I urge you to take decisive action to lift restrictions on the use of American weapons by Ukraine and provide the necessary support for Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression. The tragic events in Kharkiv serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for action, and I implore you to stand on the right side of history by supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom and sovereignty.

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