No Mr Graham its not bs.we care very much. u sold ur party to a cult. It's over
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No Mr Graham its not bs.we care very much. u sold ur party to a cult. It's over

To: Sen. Scott, Sen. Graham, Rep. Timmons

From: A constituent in Travelers Rest, SC

April 30

No Lindsay. We did not forget the 90 indictments from a criminal traitor. That's not political. That's just who you chose as a representative. and he ate your party whole and took it from you as you flip flop like a fish out of water kissing his orange rear. Even now as your new Kim Jun larps about his crimes being political..he spends your money on lawyers and plays golf instead of campaigning. Are you so partisan that you continue to be a fool to the country rather than do your duty to the public. You were gerrymandered in from an uneducated b It's so sad. ase. But trust me, the youth of sou t h Carolina is progressive. Your end is near. Trump was a coffin nail. And you still can't seem to drop the habit. But I thank trump for doing what the left couldn't. He killed the gop single handedly. With your help. Thank you for that. Enjoy the next 4 years under our honorable president Joe Biden. He's not bernie. But he's better than what you ppl call a platform. And it's so obvious to everyone now.

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