Lock up the gangbangers doing drive by shootings
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Lock up the gangbangers doing drive by shootings

To: Rep. McEntire, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Walsh, Sen. Wilson

From: A constituent in Longview, WA

May 25

I oppose efforts to reduce penalties for drive-by shootings and instead urge lawmakers to strengthen laws against such heinous acts of violence. Drive-by shootings put innocent lives at grave risk, traumatize communities, and breed an environment of fear. The statistics are alarming – murders in Washington increased by nearly 50% in 2020, while rapes and aggravated assaults also saw major spikes. At a time when violent crime rates are surging, reducing penalties for drive-by shootings sends the wrong message and endangers public safety. We should be getting tougher on these violent criminals, not giving them a slap on the wrist. The victims and their families who have experienced the devastation of drive-by shootings deserve justice and accountability. I implore lawmakers to protect our communities by increasing, not decreasing, penalties for these reprehensible crimes.

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