Oppose SB1006, A Big Tobacco Protection Bill
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Oppose SB1006, A Big Tobacco Protection Bill

To: Sen. Broxson, Gov. Desantis, Rep. Salzman

From: A constituent in Pensacola, FL

February 25

I am writing to express my strong opposition to Bill SB1006. This bill demands that all nicotine products must be listed on a PMTA registry to be legally sold. However, the FDA’s blanket denial of millions of PMTA submissions from small businesses has effectively excluded hundreds of thousands of innovative and safer vapor products from the market. To date, only a handful of products have been approved for marketing, all owned by Big Tobacco companies. This not only demonstrates a clear bias but also underscores a failure in the regulatory framework that the Eleventh and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals have criticized as “Arbitrary and Capricious” and a regulatory “Wild Goose Chase”, respectively. The requirement would grant an unfair advantage to a handful of Chinese-made Big Tobacco e-cigarettes - products that are often rejected by the vape community for their inferior quality and taste. This not only undermines consumer choice but also threatens to shutter nearly 10,000 small businesses, leading to over $1 billion in economic damage and over 55,000 jobs lost. It extends beyond Florida as well. Similar bills across various states, many of which pride themselves on conservative values and the promotion of small businesses. As a former smoker, I can attest to the challenges of overcoming tobacco addiction. Vapor products represent a critical harm reduction tool that has not only changed my life but the lives of countless others who have struggled with addiction. Nicotine vapor is proven to be 95% less harmful than cigarette smoke. Unlike tobacco smoke, which contains over 70 cancer-causing carcinogens, nicotine vapor carries zero. 40,000 Floridians die every year from smoking, and for every 1 death, more than 30 live with a serious smoking-related illness. That is over a million Floridians. On the other hand, nicotine vaping has not been directly responsible for a single death. Bill SB1006 threatens to restrict access to effective harm reduction tools, and bolster the monopoly of Big Tobacco under the guise of regulation. I urge you to consider the detrimental impact this bill will have on small businesses, consumer choice, and the broader public health landscape due to the massive black market it would create in Florida. Bill SB810 was vetoed several years ago for this reason. Consider this, since the peak in 2020, youth vaping is down over 60%. To prevent future underage use, consider restricting the sale of ENDS products to 21+ only establishments. I implore you to oppose SB1006 and support policies that foster innovation, protect small businesses, and prioritize the well-being of millions of Floridians over the interests of Big Tobacco. Our industry, livelihoods, and the health of former smokers depend on your action. Thank you for considering my perspective on this critical issue.

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