Aid package vote
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Aid package vote

To: Sen. Kaine, Rep. Griffith, Sen. Warner

From: A verified voter in Blacksburg, VA

April 25

I am writing with deep grief that you have chosen to vote to send more money to commit a genocide against the Palestinian people. Do the thousands of dead not affect you? Do you not know of the hundreds in mass graves outside of hospitals? The only explanations for your actions are criminal ignorance or intentional monstrosity. I am ashamed that you are my representatives. I am ashamed of this country and its complicity and support for an ongoing genocide. YOU are complicit. You have blood on your hands. Shame on you for supporting genocide. While I have no hope that you will listen to your constituents, it is my responsibility to continue to ask you to do the right thing. Try and salvage some of your humanity and support an elated embargo on Israel. Vote for a ceasefire. Rafah is on the verge of an invasion and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians will die and the onus is on you if that happens. Look at what you have enabled and supported. Tens of thousands dead, many more buried, executions of hospital workers. Shame on you.

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