An open letter to Justices Court.
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An Open Letter

To: Justices Court

From: A constituent in Dallas, TX

June 3

Are you still sitting on your hands trying to decide if Trump has immunity or not? Or are you seriously deliberating that notion? Either answer is unacceptable. Every single American learns by 8th grade the history of our country and how we rebelled against a king and created a constitution where everyone is equal. So while either answer - sitting on your hands or deliberating - you seem to think is correct, Americans KNOW the correct answer. Trump is not immune. Not now, not as president, never. We are all supposed to be equal. But, you nine have made a mockery of the institution and constitution you swore to uphold. The delays you have introduced to the legal process are astounding and disgusting. The history books will treat as corrupt , partisan beings - hardly the impartial jurists America deserves. Do America a favor. Get off your butts and declare what you KNOW our founders intended - that no one is above the law. Do the right thing. Declare Trump not immune from anything. Do it now. Do it.

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