Urgent judicial ethics reform to restore Supreme Court impartiality.
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Urgent judicial ethics reform to restore Supreme Court impartiality.

To: Justices Court

From: A verified voter in Tacoma, WA

May 1

The Supreme Court's recent decisions demonstrate an alarming trend of partisan rulings that undermine the integrity of our democratic process. The conservative majority has consistently sided with Republican interests, from allowing unlimited corporate spending in elections to gutting key provisions of the Voting Rights Act that protected minority voters. These rulings cannot be justified on originalist grounds and betray the Court's duty to uphold equal rights and democratic principles. To restore faith in the Court's impartiality, meaningful ethics and recusal reforms are imperative. Justices must be held to the highest ethical standards, including stronger disclosure requirements for potential conflicts of interest. A binding code of conduct with enforcement mechanisms should be established. Additionally, clearer recusal rules are needed to prevent justices from ruling on cases where their impartiality could reasonably be questioned due to personal, ideological or political factors. The Court's rulings on voting rights, campaign finance, and other critical issues have lasting impacts on the fairness of our elections and the health of our democracy. Rigorous ethics oversight and recusal practices are essential to ensure the Supreme Court remains an unbiased, apolitical institution serving the interests of all Americans, not partisan agendas. I urge you to champion comprehensive judicial ethics reform to uphold the public's trust in the highest court.

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