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To: Gov. Inslee, Sen. Kauffman, Rep. Stearns, Rep. Entenman

From: A constituent in Covington, WA

February 13

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the Democrats I've previously elected. I need you to stop pushing bills that tie the hands of our law enforcement. I have been a Democratic voter all my life. I live in a very purple district. But public safety is beginning to become something I cannot ignore. And there are lots of voters like me. We absolutely do not need an additional office in the attorney general's division that focuses on police use of force. Use of force happens so rarely that to focus on it the way Democrats have lately is simply disingenuous. Officers who take the law in their own hands should absolutely be held accountable, but we have those measures in place already. If you continue to make this an anti-police state, my votes will not be going for the Democrats any longer. This is becoming a wedge issue that many of your centrist Democratic voters cannot ignore.

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