Vote NO on H. 3728
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Vote NO on H. 3728

To: Sen. Loftis, Rep. Elliott, Gov. McMaster

From: A verified voter in Greenville, SC

April 24

Many times over the past few years, us South Carolinians have been called to think independently and resist the propaganda coming from far-off political factions. I have been able to do this thanks to the education I received here in South Carolina that challenged me to consider points of view that the mainstream may not. H. 3728 would add more bureaucracy and make our teachers’ jobs unnecessarily difficult. It would add more overhead and cause more government waste. Worse, its premise is one of censorship, a concept to antithetical to the South Carolina ethos that has been with me since I was born. I ask you to reject House Bill 3728 and redirect our efforts on truly moving South Carolina forward.

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