Withdraw Executive Order on Immigration
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Withdraw Executive Order on Immigration

To: Gov. Edwards, Rep. McKnight, Sen. Foil

From: A verified voter in Baton Rouge, LA

January 31

I am writing to express my opposition to your Executive Order on identifying, quantifying, and mitigating illegal immigration in Louisiana. I believe that this Executive Order is unnecessary, harmful, and discriminatory, and I urge you to withdraw it. Your Executive Order requires state agencies to collect and report data on the costs and benefits of unauthorized immigrants in Louisiana, as well as their involvement in criminal activities. However, this order is based on false and misleading assumptions about immigrants and their impact on the state.  According to the American Immigration Council, immigrants in Louisiana contribute over $1.6 billion in taxes and $4.9 billion in spending power annually. They also make up 13% of the state’s labor force and 18% of its entrepreneurs. Moreover, studies have shown that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans, and that immigration does not increase crime rates in communities. Your Executive Order also violates the rights and dignity of immigrants and their families. By singling out immigrants for scrutiny and stigmatization, you are creating a climate of fear and hostility that undermines trust and cooperation between immigrants and law enforcement, as well as between immigrants and their neighbors. Your Executive Order wastes valuable resources and time. I urge you to withdraw it immediately and devote yourself to addressing the real challenges and opportunities facing our state.

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