Respect rule of law and court rulings, defend democracy
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Respect rule of law and court rulings, defend democracy

To: Sen. Tillis

From: A verified voter in Durham, NC

June 1

I am dismayed by your statement defending former President Trump after his criminal conviction. The charges were brought by a lawfully appointed prosecutor following a thorough investigation, not a "radical, politically-motivated" one as you claim. Trump received due process and a fair trial in accordance with the rule of law. Making excuses and attempting to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the legal process is irresponsible and undermines faith in our judicial system. As an elected representative, you have a duty to respect the rulings of our courts and the work of ethical prosecutors upholding the law, regardless of political affiliations. I urge you to accept the jury's verdict, which was based on a careful consideration of the evidence presented during the trial. Continuing to provide cover for Trump's actions erodes democratic norms and sets a dangerous precedent of elected officials disregarding the law for partisan interests. I request that you issue a statement reaffirming your commitment to upholding the Constitution and the rule of law above any individual's interests.

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