House Bill 237 Committee Substitute
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House Bill 237 Committee Substitute

To: Rep. Carney, Gov. Cooper, Sen. Mohammed

From: A verified voter in Charlotte, NC

May 10 Why the hell is there a proposed edit to this bill suggesting criminalizing MEDICAL MASKS? This is psychotic. There are people who require masks to be out in public, and forcing them to remove it is more dangerous than holding a gun to their head. Why does it feel like every piece of legislation in this state has to go through an editing phase by cartoon villains? People are suffering in this state, and there are things the legislature could be doing if they weren't so focused on appealing to whatever national party circus is going on in hopes of being president one day. This isn't governance, it's just cruelty, and even the suggestion of this kind of state violence further delegitimizes our state institutions.

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