Clean up this circus court! Disgrace!
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Clean up this circus court! Disgrace!

To: Justices Court

From: A constituent in Kansas City, MO

June 7

An hour ago I finished my yearly Ethics and Compliance Training I am required by my employer to take. I’ve had to take this course/training all twenty years I’ve been in corporate America. I am a nobody cog in the four billion dollar company I work for, which takes contract jobs from the government. Pretty sure Judge Clarence Thomas would fail the test. Oh, and he just happens to sit on the highest court in this country determining the most consequential cases. Judge Alito also needs to be reprimanded and recuse himself from all matters related to former President Trump. This Court has turned into a circus and lost my faith as an American. What an embarrassment and dark shadow cast on our democracy. Get money out of politics and ensure our system of checks and balances is reinstated.

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