Protect Survivor’s Choice - Trafficking Hotline Not Tipline!
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Protect Survivor’s Choice - Trafficking Hotline Not Tipline!

To: Rep. Smith

From: A constituent in Cape Girardeau, MO

February 22

I am writing to share my opposition to H.R.2601, a bill that would turn the National Human Trafficking Hotline into a law enforcement tipline. When survivors of violence or crime are deciding whether to reach out for help, they are often scared, unsure who they can trust, and taking a huge leap of faith. Knowing that they can choose when, how, and if they want to report their situation to law enforcement is a fundamental part of honoring their consent in ways their traffickers never have. It is a standard practice for other hotlines serving survivors to never automatically report tips to law enforcement, unless the information is covered under existing mandatory reporting laws (such as when children are being abused). Survivors deserve victim-centered hotlines where they can receive support, learn about their options, and receive referrals to needed local services to help them on their journeys. Replacing the hotline with a national or state tipline that automatically reports confidential information to law enforcement will erode trafficking victims’ already shaky trust in systems. Survivors will be afraid to call for help from a hotline that regularly funnels survivors into non-consensual engagement with law enforcement. I urge you to continue to support a national hotline for survivors seeking supportive and confidential services. I ask you to vote NO on H.R.2601 in any form and stop any efforts to roll it into other life-saving, essential legislation.

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