Job Markets are Rigged!
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Job Markets are Rigged!

To: Sen. Zay, Gov. Holcomb, Rep. Goss-Reaves

From: A constituent in Marion, IN

May 5

I’m getting really sick of the “hiring process”, which is severely broken! Even Forbes admits it! Firstly, to the compaies: stop lying to people! Stop ghosting! And, especially stop ignoring perfectly qualified candidates and then claiming no one qualified is applying! Stop posting openings you have ZERO intent of filling! And, stop gaslighting applicants as if they or their “experience” is the problem! I’m not under qualified and “overqualified” is just a lame excuse! Secondly, Federal and State government needs to crack down on this BS perpetrated by national and local companies alike! After 20+ years of experience and TWO Masters degrees (because my undergraduate degree was fraudulently touted as having access to resources, internships, and opportunities that it did not), I am now well past entry level and tired of keeping quiet in an attempt to not rock the boat! It’s time the workforce be taken seriously!

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