An open letter to Rep. Peters.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Peters

From: A constituent in San Diego, CA

May 10

I am writing to you urgently regarding the dire situation unfolding in Rafah, Gaza, where Israel’s relentless bombing campaign is exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, particularly by targeting vital healthcare infrastructure. Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP) has reported that Dr. Marwan Homs, head of Al-Najjar Hospital, confirmed that the hospital is no longer functioning because all staff have been ordered to evacuate. “This was Rafah’s largest hospital,” MAP stated, emphasising the severity of the situation. This isn’t merely a solitary hospital closure; it is a meticulously orchestrated effort to render medical treatment almost unattainable for any Palestinian. The bombing, raiding, and closure of hospitals serve a single purpose: to intensify suffering and heighten the probability of Palestinians succumbing to their injuries. This extends beyond addressing the horrific injuries inflicted upon them; it encompasses the untreated existing conditions and illnesses proliferating throughout the Gaza Strip due to unendurable living conditions. The systematic targeting of healthcare facilities in Gaza by Israel is deeply troubling. Over the past seven months, Israel has bombed 322 healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and ambulances, resulting in the deaths of 356 healthcare professionals and injuring over 549. These attacks are clear violations of international law and the principles of humanity. Furthermore, reports have emerged of horrifying atrocities, including the discovery of over 500 bodies in mass graves at hospitals across Gaza, with some victims found decapitated, skinned, or with organs missing. “Such actions flagrantly violate the Geneva Conventions and the fundamental principles of humanity,” MAP emphasised. Israel’s seizure and closure of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt further exacerbate the situation, cutting off the Gaza Strip from essential aid and isolating over a million children who are at risk of starvation. The situation in Gaza has reached a critical point, with ongoing war crimes and atrocities committed by Israel. The invasion in Rafah represents the culmination of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people, and immediate action is needed. Words alone are insufficient; we must demand concrete action to hold Israel accountable for its actions. I implore you to stand by these directives and take immediate steps to halt ALL arms sales to Israel, sanction the apartheid state, implement a two-way trade embargo and freeze all overseas assets belonging to the rogue state. Failure to act in the face of this grave humanitarian crisis is not acceptable. As my elected official, you bear a responsibility to halt this genocide and lend your voice to ending this atrocity. You CANNOT turn a blind eye to genocide! Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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