An open letter to Rep. Jinkins, Sen. Trudeau, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Fey.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Jinkins, Sen. Trudeau, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Fey

From: A verified voter in Tacoma, WA

July 2

After seeing the debate and how the supreme court ruled on Trump being essentially above the law, I'm of the opinion that this country is in a true tail spin and have essentially lost hope for our democracy. Trump would destroy the country and Biden is to incompetent to run it. The right has turned into a group of radicalized theocrats that are hellbent on turning this country into dictatorship like 1930s Germany and the Democrats have become an incompetent group of virtue signalers who can't seem to figure out how to do the most mundane tasks. I usually was optimistic about our country's future and that we could persevere, but now I fear that we will lose this "great democratic experiment" due to a bipolar ideology that is a perfect blend of partisan radicalization and patent incompetence. Will I vote in November? I might... But I have no confidence in our government now. Unless something changes soon, we will lose this country.

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