An open letter to Gov. DeWine.
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An Open Letter

To: Gov. DeWine

From: A verified voter in Columbus, OH

January 19

I recently read that there were 102 reports of Delta 8 poisoning in Ohio in 2023. How does this compare with the number of cases of alcohol poisoning over the same period? As you look to limit intoxicating substances—which appears to be a mean-spirited response to issue 2–I sincerely hope you look at the troubles caused by alcohol and focus your attention on helping people overcome their addiction to THAT substance. I would hope that you would measure the overall impact to the population and give your attention accordingly. In short, quit grand standing and propose change that will actually make a positive impact. You’re a smart man. I know you are a man of faith. I implore you to follow both your head and heart as you work to improve the lives of your constituents.

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