An open letter to Asm. Zbur.
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An Open Letter

To: Asm. Zbur

From: A verified voter in Santa Monica, CA

May 13

Hi, I’m a constituent from Santa Monica and a member of Indivisible Westside Los Angeles. I am urging you to take action regarding the following bills that are scheduled for hearings in the appropriations committee on Wednesday, May 15: -Support AB 1999, repealing the California Public Utilities Commission proposed income-graduated fee -Support AB 2200, guaranteed healthcare for all Californians -Support AB 2584, banning corporations from buying single-family homes en masse and flipping to rental properties -Support AB 2642, strengthening protection for citizens to vote without fear of intimidation and interference Each of these bills impacts incredibly important facets of daily life in California and your support in getting them to the finish line is critical. Thanks for your time and attention.

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