An open letter to Justices Court.
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An Open Letter

To: Justices Court

From: A constituent in Chicago, IL

June 10

A note to “Justice” Roberts about why the Supreme Court is so negatively viewed and how apparent it is that he is presiding over some of the most corrupt justices the court has ever seen. Over the last 20 years, the dollar value of the gifts received by “Justice” Thomas specifically, is more than twelve (12) times any other Supreme Court justice over the same period and more than forty (40) times more than any other justice nominated by a Democratic president. Alito and Thomas know they abuse their power and do not care. Roberts, get your court in order. At the minimum Alito and Thomas should recuse themselves from any case involving the convicted cult leader Trump and any January 6th cases. Truthfully, Alito and Thomas should resign in disgrace, having taken so many bribes over the years. It seems as if Roberts cares about the long view of history but his actions don’t. The hypocrisy of Alito and Thomas, maga judges, is vile. Time to clean up the court and perhaps once again be viewed better than Congress. Truly a sad and despicable court. Hopefully a Democratic president can appoint more justices and give credibility and honestly back to the court.

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