An open letter to Rep. Wilson, Sen. Graham, Sen. Scott.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Wilson, Sen. Graham, Sen. Scott

From: A verified voter in New Ellenton, SC

May 31

The republican party is no longer the party of law and order. You are attacking the court that convicted your Dear Leader and making dangerous statements that will enflame your dangerous base. You have put immoral individuals on the not-so-supreme court, and that court has the lowest approval in history. I could go on, but I have other things. The republican party is no longer the party of family values. Your Dear Leader is a serial adulterer and pays for sex even when he is married. He has also been convicted of sexual assault (aka, rape). His wife never even came to the court for his trial! Again, I could go on. The republican party is no longer the party of low national debt. Your Dear Leader raised the national debt more in his 4 years than any previous administration, even 8 year administrations. In fact, the national debt increased by 25% in 4 years!He cut taxes for your wealthy donors without any way to make up for the loss of revenue. I could go on ... You are not a party for voters because you cheat all the time with jerrymandering, like you have done in the 1st district here in South Carolina. Then your cronies in the SC upheld your racism. You always do whatever you can to make voter suppression even stronger. You know that our country is mostly Democrats and you need to cheat to get past that. Your support of the Big Lie is another indicator. You KNOW that the 2020 election was free and fair, but you support and further his Big Lie. The fact that you won't say that you will accept the results of the 2024 election, no matter who wins, is heartbreaking. It is no longer the Republican party. You are now the party of the Cult of tRump. IF he wins, he will throw out the Constitution. He will destroy the independence of the judiciary. He will destroy our Democracy. Do you think that bending over for him will get you somewhere? Good luck with that! Once you are no longer needed by him, he will spit you out. Why can't you all see that?!? I'm ashamed that you "represent" the State of South Carolina.

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