An open letter to Sen. Cardin, Sen. Van Hollen, Rep. Ruppersberger.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Cardin, Sen. Van Hollen, Rep. Ruppersberger

From: A constituent in Towson, MD

May 2

Next week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to vote to remove Republican Majority Leader Johnson for his support of funding our ally, Ukraine. The only way for Johnson to retain his position is likely to be with democratic support. Although the majority leader did the right thing in Ukraine, he is a MAGA extremist -- the democrats should continue to support Minority Leader Jeffries for leadership in Congress. By not saving Majority Leader Johnson's position, this will expose the chaos of the MAGA extremist party to the American people, which is especially important in an election year. People will see that when they send Republicans to congress, even when given the majority, that they bring nothing but in-fighting and no legislation. Perhaps more Republican congress member will resign and Jeffries will become Majority Leader.

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