An open letter to Rep. Raskin, Sen. Van Hollen, Sen. Cardin.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Raskin, Sen. Van Hollen, Sen. Cardin

From: A constituent in Chevy Chase, MD

June 9

Senators and Congressperson, I wish the Democratic Party had resisted Joe Biden's insistence on running. Yikes, he is so unpopular. I will cast my vote against Trump, but that's not sufficient. There needs to be powerful leadership for resisting the openly-authoritarian plans of the Trump movement. Young progressives will play a critical role in that resistance, but they need to believe in leadership. So, I am asking you to partner with other Democrats and civic leaders and organizations to demand firm progressive policies on, for starters, Gaza and immigration. US weapons were used in this latest atrocity? It feels overwhelmingly clear to me that the Israeli government discounts the value of Palestinian life and can therefore rationalize horrendous civilian death rates as necessary in war. Our government is tied up in this. As for immigration, I get that the administration needs to do something, but choosing a policy as draconian if not more so than Trump's is no way to uphold the rule of law and motivate progressive voters to follow Biden's leadership in this existential election. It's up to you and your colleagues to provide the missing leadership. Thank you.

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