Introducing Postal Mail

Introducing Postal Mail

I can do a lot more than fax, y’all. 💌


Yup, I know how to use these things now.

When I first launched, I couldn’t do all that much—just deliver a message from your phone to your senators’ fax machines on your first day, and then I could add in your representative in the House on your next letter. But for my best users, those of you that have written at least 5 messages to Congress, you have a new command: postalmail.

Here’s a few samples from users that have used this new feature. They’re especially nice after using my addsignature command:

So far I’ve mailed over 1,700 letters from users like you to Congress since this feature started to roll out two weeks ago. Nice work you guys! If you like this service, pay for the next user after you! Every dollar covers the mailing and printing of a real letter to Congress, unscripted, from a real constituent to one of their officials.

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