We have a Special Counsel to Investigate Russian Election InterferenceWe have a Special Counsel to Investigate Russian Election Interference

We have a Special Counsel to Investigate Russian Election Interference

So, now what?

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**Commissions and Committees
**Now that the Deputy Attorney General has appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to run the FBI investigation on allegations that Russia interfered with the election, some people believe we can now move on to other concerns. Can we?

A special counsel is appointed to handle the criminal side of the investigation. He is required to lead the investigation and press criminal charges where necessary. He is not required to deliver a public report on the investigation and this could mean that we won’t know much about what the investigation uncovers. In many ways, it is the job of the special prosecutor to look at the past, but many people in Congress believe we also need to look forward.

It is possible that the investigations occurring in Congress will uncover and make public the things we need to know about the 2016 election, but some in Congress have called for a Special Commission — similar to the 9/11 Commission. This would be an independent, bi-partisan commission of experts created by Congress through legislation that would be signed by the President. The commission’s goal would be to investigate facts and write a report.

Lastly, others are calling for a special congressional committee. This committee would be setup and run by members of Congress with only one purpose — to look into the allegations regarding the 2016 election. This committee would be similar to the Senate Watergate Committee and the joint House-Senate 9/11 Committee.

**Tell Congress what you think!
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