CBO Scores Republican’s Skinny Repeal

CBO Scores Republican’s Skinny Repeal

16 million set to lose coverage, premiums to rise 20% each year.

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The “Skinny” Repeal

The next healthcare bill the Republican Senate is trying to pass is the “Skinny Repeal.” This plan proposes repealing individual and employer mandates, ending the medical device tax, eliminating community health center funding and prevention funds, and defunding Planned Parenthood.

The CBO Scoring

Since no one knows what is really in any of the plans on the healthcare the Senate is currently voting on, it’s difficult to get a CBO score. Nonetheless, Senate Democrats asked the CBO to score a bill that would include the elements that are thought to be in the bill. Here’s what it looks like:

  • 16 million American lose insurance coverage — this is based on only repealing the individual and employer mandate
  • Premiums to increase by 20% each year — once you add in the other provisions thought to be in the bill, it is projected that insurance premiums will increase by 20% each year.

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The Republican Health Care Journey

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