Don’t jam legislation through

Don’t jam legislation through

Amy Wolin in the Colorado Springs Gazette

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As a Coloradan whose family has benefited from the ACA, I demand that we see the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate of the new health care bill’s impact before Congress takes a vote on the legislation.

My main concerns are ensuring that pre-existing conditions are covered and that tens of millions of people don’t lose their coverage due to rising premiums.

The last time around, the CBO estimate revealed that 24 million people would lose their coverage within 10 years, and the White House estimate was even worse at 26 million!

Please do not try to jam this legislation through before the estimates can be completed and released. Let’s see the estimates of how many people lose their coverage because their premiums have tripled or quintupled.

The truth is that what we don’t know will hurt you. And by “you” I mean me, my fellow American citizens, and Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner as our elected representatives.

— Amy Wolin, Woodland Park Originally published in the Colorado Springs Gazette

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