Health Care Bill Will Hurt Next Alaskans

Health Care Bill Will Hurt Next Alaskans

Mary Herrick, MD in the Alaska Dispatch News

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As a pediatrician in Alaska, I care mostly for Alaska Native babies and children. I strongly urge Congress to say NO to the House Speaker’s health care proposal. When I think about the impact this would have on my own health care as I approach my 50s and would like to retire in my 60s, I get chills. But when I think about the impact on our children, their families, I feel real fear.

I know the devastating impact this “health care” bill will have on all of us. Less preventative care, increased overall costs and burdens to families, older folks. More mental illnesses as people become more anxious, depressed about not only their health but their child’s, their mother’s, their father’s health. This bill will definitely hurt the future generations of Alaskans. It is detrimental for children and families across our state, our country.

Currently, we are at a historic high of 95 percent of children who have health care cove rage. Let us build on that as we go forward, not knock it down. Don Young needs to stand up and say NO to the House speaker. Please. Our future depends on the health and well-being of our children now.

— Mary Herrick, MD, FAAP, AnchorageOriginally published in the Alaska Dispatch News

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