We must protect open internet access for allWe must protect open internet access for all
Published August 1, 2017 / Updated August 30, 2020

We must protect open internet access for all

Christine Tomasello in the San Diego Union-Tribune

by Chris Thomas


I am extremely concerned about the resurgence of attacks on net neutrality.

The internet is an imperative part of American life at this point. It is crucial that net neutrality remain in existence. If it goes away, it will have serious consequences for our country in two significant areas: The flow of information will be significantly limited and small businesses, which depend on their websites to grow their businesses, will be castrated.

I cannot think of a single positive reason to get rid of net neutrality. The internet should remain a utility, as that is exactly what it is today.

Revoking net neutrality would have the biggest consequences for our country, even more than health care or Social Security. If net neutrality goes away, major corporations that can afford to be in the internet superhighway will control the flow of information to the entire country. That would be horrific.

— Christine Tomasello, San Diego Originally published in the San Diego Union-Tribune

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