Drop charges against Pride protestersDrop charges against Pride protesters
Published August 2, 2017 / Updated August 19, 2020

Drop charges against Pride protesters

Rosalyn DeMattia in the Columbus Dispatch

by Chris Thomas


Not actually Columbus…

Originally published in the Columbus Dispatch

I respond to the Columbus Police Division’s treatment of peaceful protesters at Saturday’s Pride parade (Dispatch article, Sunday). The Pride tradition began as a rebellion by queer people of color against the rampant police violence they faced. Pride is rooted in protest. That any peaceful protesters would be arrested at such an event is abhorrent, abominable, and completely uncalled for.

It’s clear that the city is much more interested in the “image” of diversity than actually protecting its marginalized populations.

I urge Columbus police to drop the charges against these individuals and examine its history of behavior against black Ohioans. The Pride festival is meaningless without safety and freedom for all.

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