Get outside commission for Trump investigation

Get outside commission for Trump investigation

Caitilin Kane in the Argus Leader

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Not actually Columbus…

Americans across the political spectrum are concerned about President Donald Trump’s interference with the Trump-Russia FBI investigation. Americans, especially our elected officials, need to stay vigilant and ready to hold him accountable.

And although the appointment of a special counsel is a powerful first step, we require an outside commission that is truly independent from the Executive Branch. Only Congress can do that.

A few Republicans have indicated support for an independent commission since news broke of the president’s possible obstruction of justice. Now I am writing, urging every one of my members of both houses of Congress to put country before party.

President Trump wants this story to go away. The appointment of Robert Mueller, former FBI director, as special counsel shows how the people of the United States, when we organize and don’t give up, can make a real difference. Stand with us. I am asking Sens. John Thune and Mike Rounds, please, be on the right side of history, be on the side of real Americans, be on the side of real South Dakotans and stand up for our nation, our constitution and the protections they provide to us all.

— Caitilin Kane
Originally published in the Argus Ledger

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