Thanks, Sen. MurkowskiThanks, Sen. Murkowski

Thanks, Sen. Murkowski

Danielle O’Connor in the Daily News-Miner

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Not actually Columbus…

Thank you so much to Sen. Lisa Murkowski for listening to the people of Alaska. She is a true leader and is doing the job she was elected to do. I am so proud to be an Alaskan and witness our senior senator step up and deliver the message loud and clear that we will not be bullied into voting with party lines, but instead voting for what is right for the people of Alaska and the rest of the U.S.

I ask our senator to please keep up the pace and continue to stand strong in the storm. These are trying times for our country and she is an inspiration to keep fighting and represent. Keep on keeping on, Lisa; fight the good fight.

— Danielle O’Connor, Fairbanks Originally published in the Daily News-Miner

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