Resist Attacks on Women’s Health

Resist Attacks on Women’s Health

Martha Peters in the Tennessean


Another proposed attack on reproductive freedom and women’s health.

The White House is finalizing plans to remove the contraception coverage mandate. As always, the Senate has plenty of options at their disposal to block the White House moves.

  • Blocking/slowing future nominees
  • Adding this mandate back into upcoming must-pass legislation
  • Withholding votes on debt limit or any of the legislation that will require 60 votes in the Senate
  • Demanding a hearing where the Office of Management and Budget and Health and Human Services officials testify and explain how they are sure that this rule does not impede timely access to health care services

The White House has NOT finalized this rule yet. Now is the time for action.

Women are not going back.

— Martha Peters, Franklin Originally published in The Tennessean

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