Trump has admitted criminal act

Trump has admitted criminal act

Robert Sabatini in the Albuquerque Journal

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The case for obstruction of justice against the president really is as simple as the interview with NBC news. The president directly stated that he fired the director of the FBI to stop the investigation into his ties to Russia.

At that moment, the question of whether he or anyone in his campaign actually colluded with the Russians became academic. That’s not to say that I don’t want future scholarship to get to the bottom of the question — I do feel that Americans deserve to know the truth — but it does mean the existence or lack thereof of collaboration is irrelevant to the question of whether this president is fit to serve.

The obstruction in itself tarnishes the credibility of the office to the point that I can no longer have any confidence that the executive is acting in the best interests of the American people as a whole. Perhaps the constitution is flawed in not providing a mechanism for a vote of “no confidence,” and perhaps some day such an amendment could be added. However, until then, the closest process prescribed by the constitution is impeachment, and I believe the case has already been proved

— Robert Sabatini, Albuquerque
Originally published in the Albuquerque Journal

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