Leaders must vote against “dirty” energy sources

Leaders must vote against “dirty” energy sources

Mary T. Danhauer in the Owensboro Messenger & Inquirer

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I am asking Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Brett Guthrie to vote no on any bill that would re-animate the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The powers that FERC has need to be used to support the fight against climate change. This is no fake news. Climate change is real and will be deadly for future generations. The Dirty Energy Bill must also be voted against, as well as stopping fracking. Our water system will be contaminated by the chemicals used in fracking.

We must look beyond the present and think about the generations to come. I urge you to vote no on any bill that supports dirty energy sources.

— Mary T. Danhauer, Owensboro
Originally published in the Owensboro Messenger & Inquirer

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