Published August 7, 2017 / Updated August 30, 2020


School’s out for summer

by Chris Thomas

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The Congressional Recess was supposed to last from July 29th until September 5th. That sounds like a long break from work but Congressmen and Senators have a lot more to do than just vote. There are funds to raise, constituents to appease, and babies to kiss. Politics is a full-time game.

But while the House flew home to its districts and the distinctly awkward conversations about healthcare that awaited them there, the Senate languished in DC until August 3rd on the orders of Mitch McConnell, who had hoped to put the screws to his Republicans and drum up a healthcare bill that could clear the Senate.

But time, tides, and townhalls wait for no man and both houses of the Congress are now in recess.

Sort of. The Senate remains in pro-forma session for the purposes of blocking the President’s ability to make recess appointments but, from a legislative standpoint, Capitol Hill is on vacation.

This is, therefore, a good time to talk about some of the less pressing issues before Congress. Thus the next few weeks will feature articles talking about the big, long-shot, or obviously symbolic bills which have been backburneded for more pressing business.

Tell Congress what you think!

Text RESIST to 50409 to tell your representatives or Senators what you think about any issue before Congress. With both chambers in recess there may be townhalls in your area. Elite members of the Resistance can also text townhall to 50409 to be alerted of Congressional or Senatorial townhalls near them.

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