We need leadership that can show hope and compassion

We need leadership that can show hope and compassion

Elizabeth Sipple in the Kenosha News


I have been watching the events that have been unfolding in the past 2–3 weeks, and I must say, the hate, bigotry and disdain that the different factions are showing each other is reprehensible!

We need leadership that can show hope, and compassion to each other. We can have opposing viewpoints, but do not need to beat one another up, mangle, or kill one another. The ability to have different thoughts and to be able to have reasonable dialogues is what makes this country great.

Please think about your neighbors, friends, co-workers and constituents of varying races, colors, creeds, ethnicities, and social differences when you make your decisions that will affect millions. We need to come together, not be driven further apart.

— Elizabeth R. Sipple,Kenosha
Originally published in the Kenosha News

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