I’m Now on Twitter

I’m Now on Twitter

Send “resist” to @resistbot as a direct message to write to your officials without leaving Twitter.

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Twitter may have a “bot” problem 😉, but I’m the bot that’s on your side. All my functionality is now available through Twitter direct message. Write to your officials in Congress or state’s governor, have your letter turned into a letter to the editor of your local newspaper; find your nearest town halls, Swing Left district, or Mueller rally; get daily reminders, and much more, all without leaving the friendly, and sometimes snarky, confines of the Twitter app or web site.

Simply send resist to my Twitter handle to get started.

Resistbot (@resistbot) | Twitter

As a nice bonus, using me on Twitter, as well as Messenger or Telegram, saves me from paying fees for all of those text messages. I can use your donations for delivering more letters to Congress instead and having a greater impact in Washington. 👊🤖

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Grassroots donors are all that keep the ’bot online for the organizers that need us. Please give if you can.

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