I’m an Embeddable `Bot Now

I’m an Embeddable `Bot Now

Now you can embed Resistbot on any web site, so your users can resist without leaving your page.


The Resistbot widget in action on resist.bot

Thanks to Facebook Messenger, I can now be embedded on any web site. So if you manage an Indivisible, Swing Left, TWW, county party web site, or anything where your users want to write to their members of Congress or use any of my other brand new features like Court, NRA, Trump, and others, now you can!

Step 1

Embed this code on your site, preferably after the opening tag, but anywhere should work fine. If you’re using a platform like Wix, create a new widget and paste this in.


If you already have the Facebook SDK on your page, for a like button or other feature, you can ignore that part, and just use the part starting at line 11.

Step 2

Fill out this Google form so we can activate it on our side, and be able to get in touch if there’s any problems, or if we have an update.


Step 3

You’re done! If you have any questions, leave a comment below, or contact my voluneer support team.

Support the ’bot!

Resistbot relies on grassroots donors to provide an easy service for all to be heard.

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